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Strike Industries Glock Rear Sight Rail

Strike Industries has grown its Glock accessory products with the SI Rear Sight Rail Adapter (SI GSR). The SI GSR is designed to be a tactical light weight, ultra sturdy, inexpensive solution for shooters wanting to add a rear sight to their Glock but don’t want to have to spend a huge sum of money to have one customized installed. It comes with a rail to mount any sight of your choice, screws to adjust height, and a back plate (Back Plate Locking System) to secure the rail and eliminate any movement from vibration.

If you choose to not use an optic, in conjunction with the SI GSR, the rail has reference dots you can paint so you don’t have to remove the rail. For the competitive shooter, the rail is also compatible w/ a separately sold ambidextrous charging handle.


  • Affordable alternative to mount rear sight/red dot on Glock
  • Aluminum Picatinny rail weighted at only 1 oz.
  • Back plate with screw for added security
  • Backup rear reference sights
  • Compatible w/ ambidextrous charging handle
  • MSRP $59.00

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