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Strike Industries Goes Both Ways

Strike Industries just released the LINK. At first glance it looks no more remarkable than any other 6 slot Picatinny rail attachment. Except this one will attach to both Keymod and M-LOK without any specialty hardware swapping. They call it a Dual Interface. Here's what they have to say about it:

Strike Industries LINK attachment system takes the age old question Key-Mod vs. M-Lok and came up with the ultimate solution, a dual interface design compatible with both M-Lok and Key-Mod, same hardware with no need for switching internal parts. This Aluminum rail section allow the attachment of various M1913 Picatinny spec rail-mounted accessories such as vertical grips, lights, lasers, etc. The Dual interface rail section also features beveled ends to reduce snagging and eliminate sharp corners and edges.


Sure, you're still adding an accessory to a Picatinny rail to add it to a direct-attach forend system. If the Dual Interface proves robust and reliable, we anticipate you'll see other accessory mounts (lights, grips etc). It would sure make life easier to not have to re-purchase the same mount a half dozen times.


You can visit Strike Industries online here, or check out their Facebook and Youtube page.

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