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Suarez International Glock Suppressor Sights

Suarez International has announced two variations of suppressor sights for Glock pistols.

The first are standard suppressor height for milled slides where the optic sits lower into the slide.


Milled slide model Suppressor Sights

The second are for the new Glock MOS Pistols.  On the MOS an intermediary plate is used to allow different models of optics.  This makes the optic sit higher requiring correspondingly higher sights.


Glock MOS Model Suppressor Sights

Available with or without Tritium inserts (front only or front and back), the sights are machined from steel and black oxide finished.  The rear sight features a .150″ wide and .120″ deep notch.  The front sight is .120″ wide,

Gabe Suarez says this about using the sights:

“The use of co-witnessed iron sights is a crucial factor in the usability of the red dot on a pistol (sighted at the same point as the red dot).  With the traditional placement of the iron sights, sights that the eye has been trained to seek through countless draws in the past, the eye will go to the irons initially as they have always done in the past. The instant the iron sights are picked up, BAM, there is the red dot, and the eye can let go of the irons and use the red dot.”

Suarez International is also offering standard height sights with the same construction and options as the suppressor sights


Standard height front/rear tritium model

For more information visit Suarez International here.

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