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Suarez International: Red Dot Pistol Training

Gabe Suarez of Suarez International has been on the leading edge of those pushing for red dots on pistols for some time now.  Gabe recently put up a series of videos discussing the use of red dots on pistols.  These videos answer a lot of questions shooters may have about using a one of these systems.  Here are the first two:

In this video Gabe discusses the mechanical benefits of cowitnessed iron sights on the red dot pistol.

Here he explains how to train to find the red dot on presentation.  While the irons aid in finding the dot for a shooter new to Red Dot pistols; like training wheels on a bicycle you do not always want to rely upon them.

Gabe is now offering Red Dot Pistol specific classes at his home range in Prescott, AZ and Red Dot Pistols are welcome in any of his classes or those offered by his affiliate instructors.

Check  for class dates and listings.

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