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Sub-$1K ARs – the Haggard on the S&W

We recently ran an article about inexpensive AR15s. One of those that came up was, not surprisingly, the M&P 15 Sport. Turns out not too long ago Chuck Haggard, one of the guys over at The Tactical Wire, recently did an evaluation on that very weapon. He shot a variety of ammunition through it and made sure to get it nice and dirty. I know Haggard, and I'm confident he was ‘driving it like he stole it' (probably while scowling and making grumpy noises).

“Ran perfectly, and I was trying to make it choke. Shot in very dusty range conditions, asymmetric prone with the ejection port down, lots of dust and sand floating around due to muzzle blast, various mags including old GI issue, several different types of ammo including under-powered (ammo), Wolf, Tula and PMC, hot 5.56 spec M193 and M855, and Hornady's Custom SP load for KHP (Kansas Highway Patrol). The crudded up ejection port pic was after I picked up a handful of sand and gravel, dumped it onto the closed bolt/ejection port, then did a 30 round mag dump followed by a mag of five round NSRs. It took five loads of dirt and gravel over the (in-battery) carbine. Ran like a top, holds zero (optic).”

You can read the whole review here. Chuck advises since the original article ran he's put at least 400 more rounds though it with zero malfunctions.


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