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Sunday Night Range Pr0n: AXTS & Follow Through Consulting

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Last month Eric Andersen from AXTS Weapons joined a bunch other students in Utah for a class taught by Buck Doyle of Follow Through Consulting. Shots were taken from a number of positions and various distances, by day and by night and through various optics (including thermals and NODs).

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 1

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 5

Says AXTS,

“In all the training AXTS has traveled to so far this class has offered the most difficult shooting package to date. As the day wound down it was established that everyone had bonded based on Buck's teachings and no cliques or divisions existed. The class succeeded and failed together as a whole and encouragement was passed down from the top to the bottom…”

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 3

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 4

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 6

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 7

“Buck set the standard for the first two days, and the men had bought into the program. No excuses, no bellyaching, no complaining. If you blew a shot you followed through to see your miss make your correction and fire for effect to hit the target. The unique sense of bonding seem to be a by-product of Bucks heart because his passion is clear as day and his style brings a no nonsense approach to training.”

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 8

AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 9

You can read a full summary of Day One here. Day 2's write up and imagery is here and Day 3 is right here.

Follow Through Consulting LLC is online here; on Facebook here. Follow them on Instagram here (@followthroughbuck).

AXTS Weapons is online here and on Facebook right here. Follow them on Instagram here (@axts_weapons).AXTS Weapons on Follow Through Consulting 10

Software is more important than hardware and camaraderie will never rust — are you training with your friends and family?

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What are your plans next week? It’s Sunday — that gives you 5 days to make arrangements to go loud with your friends, your family or a reputable instructor — hell, why not all three?

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