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Sunday Night Range Pr0n: Fall Machine Gun Fun in Northern Nevada

As you can see, shooting an RPK on Full Auto leaves you with that I've just seen Porky's for the first time look all day.

The old saying goes: “Shooting full auto is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” I have found that to be the truth since I was a 17 year-old Marine Rifleman a lifetime ago. This weekend it proved to be true for a lot of other people at the Fall Machine Gun shoot held at the public shooting range in Carson City.

The Fall Machine Gun Shoot is  a semiannual event held in the Spring and Fall in Northern Nevada. Unlike most shoots that are sponsored by big companies as a sales pitch, this one celebrates the local shooting community as a family oriented event.

The organizers behind it, Spencer Walker and Jim Navarro, are a pair of dedicated FFL/SOTs based out of Washoe County who bring along their assorted machine guns, silencers and other goodies for the local shooters to get some trigger time. They only ask that you bring appropriate ammunition to fire in their weapons.

Big Jim lines up with his AK

Big Jim lines up with his AK.

mg-shoot 008

Spencer rocks the Glock 18.

The shoot started early in the morning and due to road work en route to Carson City, we missed the bulk of the action. Fortunately we did get to see some friends we only see at these types of events before they left.

Whether its 10/22s at 50 yards or class 3 goodness at a public range, shooting is a family affair

Whether its 10/22s at 50 yards or class 3 goodness at a public range, shooting is a family affair.

Mag dump or single shot? Decisions....decisions.

Mag dump or single shot? Decisions….decisions.

Mike from Silver Bullet brought out the big guns

Mike from Silver Bullet brought out the big guns.

Where Searson goes, the silencers follow

Where Searson goes, the silencers follow.

Mag dump that G18

Mag dump that G18

Can't get enough Glock 18

Can't get enough Glock 18

Shooters from all walks of life and all ages were able to lay hands on everything from Glock 18s to various AKs, HK91s, M4s M16s, M60s and a variety of silencers and other goodies, but one of the favorites was “Old Ugly”.

Old Ugly made it out to this range trip

Old Ugly made it out to this range trip.

No, not Spencer! He calls her the most hated rifle on the internet. She started life as a Mosin Nagant and somewhere along the course of her 70 some odd years on the planet, she hit rock bottom and got Tapcoed, had her wood gouged, even the indignity of a cheap 22 Walther scope mounted diagonally. Seriously, if you expect to see a standard cross hair you will see it in the shape of an “X”. She may not be pretty, but believe it or not she gets the job done, despite what forum trolls everywhere have to say about a rifle worth less than $16 and 2 pieces of day old bread!

Searson runs the RPK

Searson runs the RPK.

Still, I preferred that RPK.

Events like this are important to local shooting communities from a social standpoint and from an educational and historical point of view. When most people get their information about machine guns from the mainstream media, there needs to be a stronger point by those of us who support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Events such as this allow SOTs and Class 3 owners to educate the public on the benefits of silencers and just how flat out fun it is to shoot on full auto.

All firearms were handled in a safe and professional manner and brass and empty cartridge boxes were policed and properly disposed of.

Jim approves of the USA 1 Shot with AAC TiRant

Jim approves of the USA 1 Shot with AAC TiRant

The next shoot should happen in the spring time and hopefully it will be without the wind that accompanies our videos. Try to make it if you can or look into organizing one in your neck of the woods.

What are your plans next week? It's Sunday — that gives you 5 days to make arrangements to go loud with your friends, your family or a reputable instructor — hell, why not all three?




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