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Sunday Night Range Pr0n: Pannone in Texas

Taylor Lange

I recently attended two of Mike Pannone’s classes (CTT Solutions) at Falcon Tactical in Eagle Lake, TX. The back to back courses were Covert Carry and Advanced Handgun; as anyone who knows or has trained with Pannone would expect, the classes were full of great knowledge, high round counts and healthy competition.

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I have had the privilege of training with a lot of incredible instructors and Pannone is one of my favorites; he treats the students like adults unless their actions demonstrate otherwise, yet I’ve never once felt at all unsafe during any of his classes.

Despite the number of rounds fired, there is no ballistic masturbation in a Pannone course. Every round is a purpose and every round is a teacher, which as we all know is not always the case in all high round count classes.

Sunday Night Range Pr0n 6 pannone gardner lange 6


Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition, and I can be as competitive as most. Pannone’s “Rabbit Drills” add a touch more realism to the regular one-on-one steel competitions most of us are used to. The Rabbit Drills do a great job of pushing students to find out just how fast they can effectively and accurately hit their targets.

Time on the range or in training with friends of loved ones is a Good Thing — that is the whole point of the Range Pr0n series after all. Pannone is a teacher worthy of your hard earned money. He’s an all-around awesome instructor of incredible skill and just as importantly is an old fashioned good guy. He is respectful of his students, a good family man and a gentleman who just happens to have a Curriculum Vitae that is improbably awesome as it is true.

You can visit CTT Solutions is online via their website, Facebook, or Instagram (@cttsolutions). You can find Falcon Tactical here or on Instagram (@falcontactical) here.

What are your plans next week? It’s Sunday — that gives you 5 days to make arrangements to go loud with your friends, your family or a reputable instructor — hell, why not all three?




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