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SureFire Launches Upgraded 6PX And G2X Lights

Written by Jacki Billings

Refusing to remain complacent, SureFire updates its 6PX and G2X series of lights, adding a whopping 600 lumens of output to the handheld flashlights.

The 6PX Tactical features roughly 1.5 hours runtime of 600 lumens utilizing a single output design. Equipped with an aluminum body, the 6PX measures 5.20-inches in length and weighs just over 5-ounces. SureFire doesn’t stray too far from the original 6PX design.

The updated variant still touts the company’s “classic tactical tail-cap switch” with users pressing for momentary on or twisting for constant on. SureFire says the flashlight enjoys a weatherproof o-ring and gasket sealing as well as anodizing on the body to offer a durable light. The 6PX proves the most expensive out of the new lights, slipping into the market just under $100.


In addition to the 6PX improvements, SureFire also announced the G2X series was getting a facelift. Launching two models under the G2X name, the G2X Tactical and G2X Pro, SureFire continues the 600-lumen scheme; though, the G2X goes a step further offering a low output mode. The Pro’s low level delivers 15 lumens with average runtime stepping up to 52 hours.

Both G2X models measure roughly the same size, providing 5.20-inches in overall length and tipping scales at just over 4-ounces. The G2X series is equipped with a Nitrolon polymer body the company says is both sturdy and corrosion resistant. Featuring a press/click tail-cap switch, the G2X Tactical and Pro prove a little more affordable with a price tag of $70.

The latest 6PX and G2X are revisions on prior models which originally offered output at only 320 lumens. SureFire says the drive to continue providing smaller flashlights with higher outputs dates back to the original 6P design launched in the 1980s.

“Today, as we near our 40th year in business, SureFire has rededicated itself and redoubled its efforts to achieve even higher outputs, longer runtimes, and more reliability and durability,” the company said in a statement. “Take our 6PX Tactical flashlight, for example, a direct descendant of the flashlight that started it all, the 6P Original. Like its predecessor, the 6PX features a lightweight but tough all-aluminum body with a durable hard-anodized black finish. But where the 6P Original generated a then-incredible 60 lumens of output, the 6PX cranks out 10 times the output in a package roughly the same size!”

The new and improved 6PX and G2X are currently available from SureFire.

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