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SureFire release the 2211X for the Everyman

The 2211X is under $200 and it's guaranteed for life. This a far more affordable version of the first SureFire WristLights. It's an LED light shaped by a faceted reflector, powered by a single CR123 and adjustable from 15, 60 or 300 lumens. You can cycle from one to the other with a simple pushbutton control that delivers maximum output on the first press or cycles down with pressure.

SureFire 2211 X WristLight 3

Says SureFire,

Just press the 2211X’s pushbutton switch once to unleash all 300 lumens. When paired with a handgun, it’s more than enough light to identify targets and to overwhelm a threat’s dark-adapted vision at close range. The LED and optic have been ingeniously angled so they automatically align with your target. Or press and hold the same switch to cycle to the longer-runtime 60- and 15-lumen settings ideal for a wide range of non-tactical close-range tasks such as loading gear, working on a car, or making your way around a dark house during power outages.

The 2211X is constructed from a durable, lightweight polymer that resists impact and is non-conductive. An adjustable rugged nylon wristband keeps the light securely and comfortably strapped to your wrist, so instant illumination is never more than a button press away. Powered by a single disposable 123A lithium battery, it can provide up to 13 hours of useful illumination. The 2211X is an exceptional everyday-carry or backup light—for many tactical and non-tactical professions—that’s as comfortable to wear 24/7 as your favorite watch. This WristLight, which has been years in the making, is now shipping to authorized SureFire dealers with an MSRP of $169.

More information here.

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