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SureFire releases 1,000 Lumen XH30

At the 2018 NRA Annual Meeting SureFire released a new (and we would argue better) variation on a theme: the XH30

If you give the XH30 a quick glance, it appears identical to the XH35. It shares the same key features of adjustable output, strobe function, and of course compatibility with the SureFire Masterfire holsters.
The key difference between the XH30 and XH35 is the reflector design itself. While the XH35 has a max vision beam (MVB) which is entirely flood, the XH30 sports a TIR lens like the X300 series. What this means is a well-defined hotspot and much further reach than a straight flood.

We haven't had anything more than a quick hands-on on the floor, but be assured we'll have one in hand for a proper review in short order.

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