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Survival Straps – Ribbon Collection

The practical uses of having paracord as part of your every-day-carry gear are endless, and Survival Strap's Ribbon Collection provides easy to carry options while showing your support for a cause important to you. Various colors are available, and you can choose from three different types of bracelets, a key fob and lanyard.

Like other Survival Strap products, the Ribbon Collection features military spec 550 test paracord.

  • Products Available: Regular Survival Bracelet, Light Duty Survival Bracelet, Wide Survival Bracelet, Key Fob, and Neck ID Lanyard
  • Ribbon Colors: Pink, Neon Yellow, Black, Colonial Blue, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Orange, Silver, Bright Purple, Bright Red, Teal, Charcoal Grey, White and Autism.

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