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TacStrike has a new look – same great targets though

TacStrike Steel Target Systems has launched a new website and is offering some special purchase options (like the Instructor Pack). As founder Rob Tackett says, the new website is a “…Corvette now instead of a Pinto.” The look and feel of the updated website is a Good Thing, but it really doesn't change the steel target systems they sell. Those have been great all along. The true benefit now is that it's more user friendly; this means more people will stick around long enough to read the customer galleries and reviews (there are many of each), peruse the gear (steel targets and target stands), source training options and keep up on some current events in the lounge.

Says Tackett,

“Steel Target Usage saves you money. I know they getting started with steel seems expensive. But, if you break down the money saved on paper targets, training ammo to reach your goals, and lost training days due to inclement weather, steel starts paying you back in a short time.”

Although paper targets have a role to play in many instructional objectives and will never go away, I agree with him. He takes this into account with such systems as the Quarter Scale and Full Size Targets. Their base is built so you can switch out the steel to run paper targets. This, and the quality of their build, are no doubt some of the reasons organizations like Costa Ludus, Victory First, Talon Defense and the Alliance Police Training Center all run TacStrike on the line.


If you're looking for some target options for your own training, put TacStrike on your short list to consider.

They're on Instagram here (@tacstrike), on Facebook here, on Google+ here and on Twitter here; you can also subscribe to their channel on YouTube.



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