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Tactical Haute Couture: Gaston Glock Apparel and Bags

GASTON J. GLOCK style LP, a sponsor of shooting team Sevigny Performance and an NRA supporter, has added two new bags to their line of outdoor apparel and gear that is intended to be “versatile enough to be used for hunting and camping, but stylish enough to be worn around town or the office”. The Bison Leather Hunting Bag and Moose Leather Ladies Backpack are part of a line up that includes reindeer leather gloves, double-stitched German made boots, sports shirts, fleece outdoor jackets, knives and other gear.

The Hunting Bag is made of traditionally tanned, hand-stamped American bison leather. Saddlers from Germany and Hungary hand-stamp and sew the bag, which has five (5) separate interior magnetic-close pockets. The bag measures 10.3 in x 7.8 in x 5.1 in. It is made in Hungary and is available in a black/gold finish and retails for $267.00

The Gaston J Glock Moose Leather Ladies Backpack is, according to the website, made of Finnish elk leather. It is also hand-stamped by experienced saddlers. (Note: there is also a larger version for men and women made of Finnish moose leather.) Seams are hand-stitched and the back section features a zippered pocket. Measuring 13.4 in. x 11 in. and currently available in brown only, the backpack is made in Hungary and retails for $255.00.

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