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Tactical Performance Center – Stance

The Tactical Performance Center is located in St. George, Utah. Soon some of our editorial staff will be too. Thanks to PROOF Research, our lads will be enjoying a 3-day “3 Gun Boot Camp” with Brian Wilson(@brian_nelson_practical_shooter) and the TPC staff. TPC was founded by Ron Avery (@ron.avery.official) and offers a wide variety of classes for armed professionals, armed citizens, and recreational shooters alike.

TPC is just a couple hours north of Las Vegas, putting it in range of you “training vacationers.” For those of who aren't in driving distance, the facility offers a training blog (the Dump Pouch) and a recurring video series narrated by members of their crew.

Like so.

“In shooting, your platform is your suspension and your grip is the tires on your car. If you wish to be an efficient shooter, then you need to learn more about driving your gun.

There are three major forces at work when shooting: gravity, momentum, and recoil. Gravity is a constant. Regardless of whether you are standing still, running, dodging, ducking or weaving , gravity is working on you–no matter how stressful the situation. When you are moving, up, down, forward, backwards and/or sideways, momentum comes into play. Recoil energy comes into play when firing the weapon.

How you interact with these three forces will determine how efficient you will be and, ultimately, how well you can shoot–in a gunfight or otherwise. Learning how to gunfight means starting with the basics and working from there. If you can’t shoot well when standing still, then things aren’t likely to improve when you ‘go dynamic.'” Ron Avery

Tactical Performance Center – Stance

More to follow. Learn more about the Tactical Performance Center here.

This is TPC's mission as they explain it.

The Tactical Performance Center is dedicated to improving the performance of those who use firearms as a way of life or as part of their occupation. We use scientific measurement tools and programs, video analysis in certain applications, expert instructors and instruction and equipment that supports our training methodology and helps increase performance in vital areas.

We believe that honest and objective testing and measurement; combined with expert, laser directed training and equipment, will lead to a higher level of skill and performance without the typical hype surrounding training.

With proper measurement, testing, analysis and training you will be able to increase your performance dramatically and quickly. From there, you can continue to compare your skills, using our TPC Measurement, against the best in the world and be able to see if your training program is working or needs to change.

Now your skills can be measured, your training can be shaped to your needs and you can compare your progress in an honest way that allows you to see your true skill level as compared against the best shooters in the world, using equipment that is “street legal” so to speak. No games or gimmicks.

We believe we offer a more advanced level of performance training that will get you to your goals faster than any other system in use today.

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