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Trouble With Your Sights? Check out Tactical Rx

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Have an Oakley fetish that cannot be denied? Love your Smiths or Numas or that one perfect pair from Wiley-X? Just cannot bear to stop wearing those glasses from Rudy Project or Revision? That's okay. Most of us have a preference or two. But what happens when for whatever reason you can't wear contacts underneath them? Not everyone with a need for eye correction can get away with their treasured eyepro which is why many times we see shooters wearing their prescription glasses on the range, perhaps under the mistaken belief that is sufficient protection.

It's not. Your eyes aren't something to put at risk to avoid some discomfort or because of a little vanity. That's where Tactical Rx might be able to help you.

Tactical Rx will either craft a lens with your prescription for the frames you already have, or maybe sell you something you might not even want to admit you need — like the Almost Lens, for instance. The Almost Lens is a lined, inverted shooting bifocal that will help you pick up your front sights. You can put this lens in front of just your dominant eye or throw it in both. They do this by taking your reading Rx and adjusting it for the distance from your eye to your front sights (which means you'll multiple gun owners will need to average their barrel lengths or prioritize one). If you don't have a favored set of frames at the moment they offer 10 popular brands and styles for purchase on their website — though you'll still obviously have to put the work in to get the prescription correct.

They also have the ability to build polarized, transition and anti-reflective lenses for specific needs and variable outdoor conditions. Their lenses are custom made and hand finished by either the Master Lenscrafter who started the business or his son, creating, as they say, “..a process that combines the craftsmanship of traditional optometry combined with the benefits of modern technology.”


The potential applications for this seem to reach beyond the shooting and hunting demographic, methinks. I know of several individuals serving in the military, LE or emergency services who might be interested in them for on-duty wear (apparently they're already providing prescription eyepro for the FBI).

If you want to know more about Tactical Rx, check them out online or read their FAQs. They're also on Facebook and on Instagram (@tacticalRx), though the latter is not an active account. In the meantime we're going to put these on some of our guys and try them out.

More to follow.

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