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Tactical Tailor — Founder’s Day

PNW-based Tactical Tailor was founded by one Logan Coffey more than a dozen years ago. A business that literally started in the barracks expanded rapidly into what you see today. Logan was taken away too early; back in April of 2008 he passed in a tragic automobile accident.May 4 marks his birthday. Every year to commemorate the date, Tactical Tailor holds a Founder's Day Sale. From Friday, April 29 to Friday, May 6, they're offering 30% off of all TT manufactured gear.

Tactical Tailor

You can visit Tactical Tailor online here to check it out and see which piece of TT gear you need.

Here's just a snippet of the Coffey-TT story.

“The story of the Tactical Tailor began in late 1991, immediately after high school, when Logan Coffey enlisted in the United States Army Infantry. Logan’s first assignment after basic training was with the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii; assigned to the Scout Platoon. Ironically this is the same place that Logan’s father had been stationed 26 years earlier in 1965 and 1966 during the Vietnam conflict. Logan’s first week of training in field maneuvers in the steep hills and gulches on the Island of Oahu proved that his army-issued gear was incredibly uncomfortable and impractical. He found out that most of his issued gear was of the same design that his father had been issued 26 years earlier and used in the Vietnam War.

Logan Coffeys Sewing Shop 1996

After the first week of training Logan realized that the army-issued gear needed a lot of modifications and changes if it was going to be more comfortable and practical in field maneuvers. Logan made it his personal mission to update and modify his issued gear to where it would be more practical and comfortable. Since Logan had always been a person that liked to invent and tinker with new ideas he went out and purchased a sewing machine from Sears so he could start making modifications and designs that would help him in his daily missions. The sewing machine could not stand up to the industrial type of sewing that Logan was doing so it quickly wore out and he had to buy an industrial machine.

Logan Coffey in front of old Tactical Tailor storefront

Finding an industrial sewing machine that a private in the Army could afford was challenging but he soon found a used machine at a second hand store that he fixed so he could start building, modifying, and inventing new military gear that helped him as well as the guys in his platoon become more proficient. Logan was becoming very good at the modifications and had moved up in rank to become a sniper in his battalion’s scout platoon. This position allowed him to test his modified gear in a harsh and real world environment.”

Logan Coffey at AUSA

Read more history here.


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