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Take a look: a Bulletproof Hat?

A Kickstarter project you might want to check out this weeks come to you from from an armor manufacturer called BulletSafe. They have developed and tested what they are calling the “Bulletproof Baseball Cap”. According to BulletSafe’s creator Tom Nardone, the hat stops rounds up to NIJ Level IIA. This means it is rated to stop an assortment .40, 9mm, and .38 caliber rounds.

The first prototype was created in March of this year after several customers asked the company when they were to start making ballistic helmets. Thinking that they would look ridiculous in a civilian environment, the owner looked toward creating something different.

BulletSafe is based out of Michigan and they plan on having prototypes in their booth this January at SHOT Show, booth #616. The starting price for the bulletproof hat is $99 if pre-ordered on Kickstarter, which you can follow here. The Kickstarter project will end January 26th, the Tuesday after SHOT Show ends. Otherwise the hats will sell for $129.

In case you were wondering, the prototype did stand up to a ballistics test. You can watch the video below.

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