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Take cover? Shooting at – and through – vehicles

Most vehicles should be considered concealment, not cover. This excellent video from KOTAC is an excellent example of why that is. What's interesting is that this doesn't appear to always hold true, particularly when it comes to handgun rounds. Several of our writers were on the range with Graham Combat recently. They shot 9mm, .40 and .45 into a car from many different angles and several ranges (nothing further than about 30m – and note, all pistol caliber). Of those rounds, a surprisingly high percentage did not penetrate sufficiently to have injured or killed any passengers. One .45 round was stopped by a headrest and several of different calibers failed to go through the open trunk at all. Most of the rounds would go through one door (from inside, shooting out) to hit a target – few went through both.

KOTAC vehicles as cover RECOIL Magazine 4

Of course, those were handgun rounds. As you can see, rifle rounds are an entirely different proposition. In the end, as Alex mentions in the video description, you should educate yourself.

You might also remember that accurate, returned fire placed center mass to discourage an assailant can be a very effective form of “cover.”

KOTAC vehicles as cover RECOIL Magazine 2

Do you spend as much with your weapon as you do with your putter or your X-Box?

KOTAC vehicles as cover RECOIL Magazine 1

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