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Taran Tactical Mag Extensions for G42 Now Available

Taran Tactical Innovations has advised their G42 magazine extension basepads are now available. In addition to the new .380 magazine extensions, they've added 2 machines to those assigned production of their G43 9mm basepads (prob'ly to keep up with the demand). Soon the +2s will be available in black and titanium grey.

I'm a huge fan of the TTI basepads, particularly after having seen how both the G19 and G43 versions performed at the recent Will Petty VCQB class with Firelance Media up at 88 Tactical. Though I initially experienced a few hiccups with the G43 versions while in Nebraska (none with the G19s, and Chris Hernandez had no issues with his) I have zero complaints now. Proof of this can be seen in the picture below, which is what I'm carrying now while you're reading this (assuming you're reading it on Thursday 23 July 2015).

Glock 43 TTI baseplate

G42 basepads are currently available in +1 round and +2 rounds (24.99 and 29.99 respectively) and in flat black, titanium grey and black.

Find TTI online here, on Facebook here and on Instagram here (@taran_tactical_innovations).

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