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TAREINCO Individual Blow-Out and EDC Medical Kits

TAREINCO has released their new SIC V.3.  The previous SIC (Special Item Carrier) was designed to carry a TQ (tourniquet) like a SOF-T, CAT or similar sized TQ. Built of mil-spec 2″ nylong webbing, elastic and hook & loop, it was intended to attach to PALS webbing with a MALICE clip that would also allow a wearer to carry the SIC on up to a 2″ belt. The new SIC V.3 is shown here with the attached Kit Pocket. The SIC V.3 will continue to hold a TQ via compression pocket but allow for additional space for a second TQ (protected for exposure or UV) or other kit like Quick Clot, a pair of gloves or other required items as the job, mission or desired EDC choices.

The SIC V.3 is different from the V.2; if you're looking for the SIC with the shears and the web dominator from ITW Nexus, you'll want the V.2 or possibly the SIC-Sheath.

With the extra Kit Pocket filled the entire package is approximately 2 1/4″ deep, depending on the pouch contents and how it is packed.

Get your TAREINCO SIC v.3 here.


NOW. Another item you might be interested in (this is a different piece of kit). The SIC series is not the only blow-out type emergency medical kit built by TAREINCO. They also offer the RETI-Pouch (Rapid Extraction Trauma Individual – Pouch),designed in large part to echo their first belt pouch, the SOB-Pouch, which was originally intended for limited carrier. After substantial interaction with customers via social media it became clear to TAREINCO they should make a dedicated trauma pouch for low profile use. The RETI-Pouch is the result.

The RETI-Pouch can be be worn on belts up to 2″ in width while providing a quick detachment system from belt via the break away belt loop. Can also be stored in pockets or in loop lined packs/bags. The PALS webbing may be removed from the face of future RETI-Pouches and the size of the patch field increased. Get your RETI here.

TAREINCO (Tandem Research and Innovations Company) is run by avid outdoorsman and paramedic-in-training Mark Basa, who builds his own gear as well as constructing equipment for other companies requiring a USA based manufacturer on a sub-contract basis.

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