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Tatiana Whitlock: Practical Concealed Carry for Women

Panteao Productions continues their “Make Ready” series with Practical Concealed Carry for Women , narrated/instructed by Tatiana Whitlock.  Description of the training video as follows:

“If you are a woman interested in carrying a handgun for personal defense, this video is for you. With Practical Concealed Carry for Women, Tatiana Whitlock walks you through handgun and ammo selection, training aids, methods of concealment, the concealed carry lifestyle, drawing from concealment, ammunition management, malfunctions, post engagement sequence, and more. Tatiana Whitlock is the owner of ID Target Systems which designs realistic training aids and offers instruction services specific to personal protection. She works with men, women and youth to establish a real-world foundation of firearm skills, safety and situational awareness.”

The trailer for the video can be found here on Panteao's site.


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