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[First Look] Taurus Judge Home Defender: Not A Shotgun

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Sometimes, I can’t tell if Taurus is trolling us or not. They claim they aren’t and that this is what the people want, so here we go. The Taurus Judge Home Defender. A .45 Colt/.410 Bore “revolver” with a 13” barrel.

Legally, this is a revolver pistol. Just with a long barrel. The plastic thing under the barrel that looks like a forend for you to hold it like a shotgun? That’s for mounting a weapon light. Honest.

While I like the overall design and the idea of the “revolver,” the major downside for me is the caliber. .45 Colt and .410 Bore aren’t horrible home defense choices, but they aren’t at the top of my list either. 

If you do decide that this is what your home arsenal is missing, the Judge Home Defender has 1913 railing on top for an optic and some railing on the bottom for a weapon light.

6 shot cylinder, 57 ounces unloaded, alloy steel frame, transfer bar safety, and a DA/SA action.

MSRP is $730.


Top Aluminum Picatinny Rail: A breakthrough feature that simplifies the attachment of optics and accessories, empowering shooters to customize their Judge Home Defender for precision and versatility.

45 Colt / 410 Bore 3 Inch Cylinder: Offering unparalleled versatility, this unique combination allows users to seamlessly switch between the potent 45 Colt and the versatile 410 Bore, ensuring optimal performance in any scenario.

13-Inch Barrel: Engineered to elevate 45 Colt terminal ballistics, the 13-inch barrel guarantees pinpoint accuracy, setting a new standard for precision in its class.

Forend Accessory Rail: Designed with shooters in mind, the Judge Home Defender incorporates a forend accessory rail, ideal for mounting lights, lasers, and other essential accessories, providing unparalleled preparedness.

Steel Blast Shield: Safety is paramount. The steel blast shield protects the shooter's support arm, enhancing safety and peace of mind during operation.

Taurus Rubber Grip: Strategically integrated into the design, the Taurus rubber grip maximizes recoil absorption, delivering a comfortable and controlled shooting experience for all users.

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