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TBT: Summer Sabers

It was way back in Issue 7 of RECOIL that we showed you Ms. Summer Sabers in our Going Hot section. That was the same issue in which we interviewed the First Family of Shooting (the Miculeks), introduced you to the Sphinx SDP Compact and reviewed the POF Piston Driven AR10.

Wax nostalgic with us, if you will.

Summer was a blonde then, though she is no longer.

TBT-Summer Sabers 2

What has she been up to since then? Apparently pursuing a career in the fitness industry, visiting Hawaii and working on her tan.

TBT-Summer Sabers 3

Perhaps also doing some side work as a diver?

TBT-Summer Sabers 4

TBT-Summer Sabers 5

Summer was carrying a Matthews Heli-M bow in “Lost Camo” when she appeared in the magazine, and the photos were shot by Jorge Nuñez.

More here. If you have a few minutes, check out Summer's charity of choice: Hope for Paws and follow her on Instagram, @summer_sabers.

Mathews Archery Inc., which has been building high quality bows and archery accessories for nearly a quarter century, is on Instagram, @matthewsinc and are also on Facebook (/mathewsinc/). They build bows for both hunting and competition, and they also have an online custom bow builder that includes such options as riser and limb colors, color accessories for harmonic dampers, harmonic stabilizers, string suppressors, dead end stops and strings and monkey tails. You can check that out right here.

Lost Camo (online here) was developed by Matt McPherson (an avid bowhunter) and his team to provide an effective, multi-functional camouflage to “get you lost” in the trees. Here's a little about it:

The average camo pattern is composed of 25” x 25” frames, whereas Lost Camo frames are 60” x 40”. The larger frame ensures that the garments are never perceived as a solid color, even at 1000 yards. Lost Camo ensures concealment no matter how near or far your game lies.

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