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Ten Years of Rollypoly

Here's some LBE/loadout trivia for you.

Happy birthday! to the Maxpedition Rollypoly. Or maybe that should be Happy Anniversary? Regardless. It's been 10 years now that Maxpedition has been building the Rollypolly Dump Pouch, a decade in which it has done nothing but help further secure Maxpedition's reputation.

Although the dump pouch is now all but ubiquitous, with variants built by a wide array of reputable companies, this wasn't always so. Though by no means the first incarnation of the dump pouch the Rollypoly was certainly one of the earliest to be “modernized” (and remains a well-regarded, often used design).

The Rollypoly was actually designed by the man behind Military Morons. He'd been using the Eagle Duty Evidence Pouch for a couple of years to retain spent mags and it wasn't working as well as he'd like. So, he came up with his own design and had it prototyped by Reccegear. Shortly thereafter Maxpedition (a very young company at the time) approached him to license the design and marketed it as the Rollypoly.

Here's a video overview narrated by Maxpedition founder and president Tim Tang.

If you watch the Rollypoly video you'll see the credit for the design at 2:43.

You can purchase a Rollypoly Folding Dump Pouch right here: . If you like the idea, check out the Mini Rollypoly and the Mega Rollypoly.
Military Morons Maxpedition Rollypoly Dump Pouch 1

If you are unfamiliar with MM, you really should rectify the situation. is one of the first places I go for reviews or to research a piece of kit or apparel. He is savvy and articulate and most importantly insightful enough to deliver thorough and succinct commentary (this is a rarer gift than you might think). MM is online here, on Twitter here and on Facebook here.

You can read the original post about what was then the Reccegear MM Dump Pouch right here, from August of '03. You can read the announcement of partnership with Maxpedition here, just a few months later.

Miltary Morons Dump Pouch History

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