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Testing “BulletSafe” armor

Doug Marcoux of Guns & Tactics did a range test on BulletSafe Body Armor a little while back. BulletSafe is a body armor manufacturer that also makes ballistic panel inserts for backpacks. In this article (which includes video), Marcoux takes a look at their 3A vest.

“Twice during the shoot, with the .357 magnum and the .44 magnum, there was water leakage from the jug under their respective impact areas. Both times, however, the vest held and did stop the rounds – the water jug was cracked, but not penetrated by the bullets themselves. This performance is particularly impressive as these were also the two calibers with the closest groups, where the second shot nearly impacted on top of the first. Both times the blunt force this placed on the water jug cracked the plastic but the vest itself performed flawlessly.”

Read the article and watch the video right here.

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