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The Ashley Update: In New Orleans

Hlebinsky, who previously worked at the Smithsonian is exactly the kind of ambassador the shooting community needs. Torrentially well informed, passionate to the point of geekery, and blessed with a wicked sense of humor, she can swill whiskey and smoke cigars while holding forth on black powder muskets until your eyes glaze over. Spreading the gospel of responsible firearms ownership has never been more important, and being able to demystify an inanimate object while educating the public about its role in the nation’s history goes a long way toward countering negative publicity.

In this installment of the Ashley Update, Ashley is down in New Orleans to attend the New Orleans Antique Forum. One of the most interesting lectures was about identifying fakes and forgeries. Ashley is lecturing on the intersection between art and firearms in America, focusing a lot on the embellishments of sporting arms.

 Do you have a question for Ashley about anything she’s discussed this week or even about some of the little-known things she loves? Want to see more Ashley Updates? WATCH HERE

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