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The Bag Trick – Keeping a weapon concealed in public

“People are used to seeing someone walk around with plastic grocery bags in their hands.  The same ubiquitous bag can be found in every corner of the world.  Carrying it draws no attention because it’s a common part of the scenery.  No one looks twice.”

Greg Ellfritz recently republished an article about concealment over on Active Response Training. It's worth the read if you need to have a weapon ready-to-hand in a threatening environment. Note that this is for places like “dodgy third world countries”, not walking down the boardwalk at the beach.

Perhaps more importantly Ellfritz discusses what to look for when it comes to the “bag carry”. This is definitely something to add to your SA (Situational Awareness) preparation.

Read the whole article here.

Greg Ellfritz - The Bag Trick

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