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The Beretta 92X Performance Pistol

New on the floor of NRAAM was Beretta’s 92X. Beretta’s 92 series of handguns have received a number of revisions over the years, but the 92X has some of the more radical ones.

The gun features a brigadier slide with front and rear serrations, which is wider than one typically found on the 92 series. To accommodate for the wider slide, Beretta has included an extended takedown lever. At first blush, the addition of an extended takedown lever might not seem significant or even noteworthy. As explained by the Beretta representative, the lever can be used to index the gun (think like a certain pedal in your car that we won’t name due to intellectual property concerns). Coupled with the gun’s downward sloped beavertail, as opposed to the traditional upward slope, it makes for an incredibly natural point of aim.

With competition shooters in mind, the gun features an integrated magwell. As one might expect, the magazine has an oversized pad attached, making reloads a breeze. It was explained that once Beretta reaches 2000 units of the 92X, they will become USPSA production legal, potentially putting the CZ Shadow II in a precarious position as a crowd favorite. When field stripped, the 92X’s fire control group adjustments can be easily found. Users can adjust the pre and post travel of the trigger using two set screws. The 92X utilizes a frame mounted ambidextrous safety, negating the complaints which revolve around the slide mounted variant.

MSRP checks in at $1,399. Beretta is currently waiting for the ATF to approve the import of the firearm. You can expect these to be in country in the early fall.

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