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The Brightest Nights Sights in the World, Supposedly

Night Fision, the sister company to Cammenga (which manufactures compasses for the Army), was displaying its selection of “The Brightest Night Sights in the World” at NRA Indy 2019. The company, which began its foray into the night sight arena two years ago, is owned and operated by two cousins who are both thirty-three years old.

Night Fision Pro Shooter Corinne Mosher

The proclamation of having the “brightest night sights” is a bold one. It was explained that because they are importing so much tritium, they pack their sights with 30% more than their competitors. The result? A brighter glow when the light fades.

While the brightness of the tritium is a noteworthy characteristic, Night Fision’s sights have a distinguishing eye-catching boldness to them delivered by “The Perfect Dot.” Front sights are available in five different colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, and white. The color is achieved using a ballistic polymer ring that will not chip, crack, or fade.

Rear sights come in a variety of options as well. Night Fision offers the traditional square and “U” rear with tritium surrounded by a white or black ring along with plain sights that lack any tritium. A third style, the “Accur8” is also available. All of the sights are black nitrided and available in standard or suppressor heights.

Manufacturers currently supported include Glock, CZ, Smith and Wesson, Sig, Heckler and Koch, Springfield Armory, Canik. Sights for 1911’s were recently introduced. The sights come with a 16-year guarantee, which is the longest in the industry.

Night Fision also displayed two products for the AR-15. The first was a replacement tritium front sight post which includes the same five color options and fits in all standard front sight bases. The second was the “Night Switch,” a tritium filled safety selector switch. Of course, such a product begs the question of “why?” Night Fision explained that it was based off the request of instructors, who wanted to better be able to see if student’s rifles were on safe during low light training. It was stated that the product was not intended for tactical or duty use.

MSRP on Night Fision’s standard sights is $108  with the suppressor or “Accur8” versions checking in at $118. The AR replacement front sight has a suggested MSRP of $59 and the “Night Switch” stands at $55.

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