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Anchor Tents and Tarps With The Claw

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Many of us likely have a camping story about that time the tent blew away. Some folks with Millennium Outdoors think they have the solution to make those stories go away. They call it the Claw and tell us it will even secure your aircraft if you want to bring your plane along on your next camping trip.


Here’s what they tell us about it.

If the wind blows your camper awning or tent canopy away, then your attempt to chase it down as it rolls through the rain-soaked campground in the dark might make a good story years later, but at the time, you won't be having much fun.

In fact, hikers, hunters and anglers face all kinds of situations in which they need to safely secure all kinds of gear, from tents to pop-up hunting blinds, no matter how windy it gets.

More and more outdoorsmen are turning to the Claw, a lightweight, high-strength, multi-purpose anchoring system made by Millennium Outdoors, the same folks that hunters know make industry leading tree stands. It's a simple, easy-to-use system: you set the Claw in the ground and tie your guy line to it, and whatever is on the other end of the line stays put. The Claw not only works reliably, it is compact, tough, and extremely economical.

That makes the Claw better than stakes, which are notoriously likely to fail, especially when the windy shifts direction. The low-profile Claw is also more convenient than screw-in anchor systems, which can be difficult to install, stick up above the ground and in some cases are bulky and heavy.

The Claw has three legs that are nearly parallel to the ground. At the end of each leg is a reinforced sleeve. Each sleeve holds a 3/8-inch spike so that the buried point of the spike angles into the ground toward the center of the Claw. The tie-down line is secured to an eyebolt in the center of the Claw. Any force applied to the line causes the Claw's arms to flex slightly, forcing the spikes inward and down – the more force applied, the tighter the Claw grips. The folks who designed the Claw put it this way: the “spikes pull together, tightening their grip on the ground like talons of a giant metal bird of prey.”

The Claw's design gives each unit a holding capacity of 1,200 pounds of force, which is more than any other compact mobile anchoring system.

The Claw 1

The legs of the Claw are lightweight aircraft aluminum with a “safety yellow” coating. The spikes are corrosion resistant. The low profile of the Claw reduces the chances that you'll trip over it, and in fact it's designed so that even if you accidentally drive over one, it won't puncture a tire.

The portability and compact nature of the Claw makes it ideal for temporary or long-term security for RVs, tents, ground blinds, sunshades and boats, but the system is so flexible that you can use it to anchor anything as long as you have earth to put the Claw into. Many people use it for antennas, satellite dishes, hurricane preparation, small aircraft tie-downs, or even as a temporary anchor to tie a dog to during training.

Features of the Claw Anchoring System:
¥ Easy installation and removal – no more struggling with screw-in anchors
¥ Holds 1,200 lbs. per Claw® – more than any other system
¥ Light-weight aircraft aluminum with hardened corrosion resistant spikes
¥ Tremendous holding strength
¥ Low profile will not puncture tires
¥ Reduces tripping hazards
¥ Lifetime warranty

The Claw 3

The Claw is manufactured by Pearl, MI based Millenium Outdoors (aka Millennium Treestands aka Millennium Stands — don't ask us why so many names, we have no idea). The Claw comes in various configurations: the C101 Earth Anchor, the C100 Aircraft Claw and the C200 Awning/RV Claw.  All have a lifetime warranty. For more information on the Claw, you can visit this link. Millenium Treestands is also on Facebook right here.

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