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Unhappy? Try the DPx HIT

*sigh* Some folks didn't get what they wanted on Christmas. First world problems — the struggle is real. To help them out we'll be running the Unhappy Gift Getter's Buyer's Guide. You'll know them by the inconvenient acronym UGGBG.

So. It’s hard to go wrong with good sharp stuff. This the DPx HIT, or Handle Inversion Tool. With its integral pivoting blade guard, the HIT Cutter utilizes a rotating, locking carabiner style edge protector concept called the DPx Centric to eliminate the need for a sheath or scabbard. When not in use the guard locks; while deployed the guard becomes the handle. Designed by DPx (Dangerous Places, in extremis) founder and accomplished journalist Robert Young Pelton, the HIT Cutter is only one of many DPx knives — it just happens to be one of our favorites. 5.5 inches long, .19 inch thick, and manufactured from CPM S35-VN, the Cutter is also available in an engraved or anodized guard version.

DPX Gear HIT 5

DPX Gear HIT 2 DPX Gear HIT 1

DPX Gear HIT 8

DPX Gear HIT 7DPX Gear HIT 6


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HIT Cutter





DPX Gear HIT 5

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    Dpx gear parlak gumus mikelaj renk var mi stokta

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