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The Enhanced Duty Slide from Primary Weapon Systems

I find little wrong with Glock handguns. As with almost any weapon it has its proponents and detractors, but fundamentally I believe it's one of the best pistols that can be had straight out of the box. That said, almost anything can be improved upon, even if it's just incrementally. This is why so many custom companies are able to stay in business.

Primary Weapon Systems has a new production Glock slide, the EDS (Enhanced Duty Slide) they advise will improve stock Glock 17 and 19 pistols, specifically the trigger pull but secondarily weapon handling. This would appear to be an ‘off the shelf' answer to some of the most common customizations performed.

I was able to spend a little time with Adam Mitchell of PWS at SHOT Show 2015, and spent a little time comparing the feel and trigger pull of a standard Glock slide vs. that of the EDS. Although I was initially skeptical, there definitely does appear to be a difference. The trigger pull of the Glock, already crisp, feels lighter (at a cursory check, mind you, this wasn't on the range) and breaks cleanly. These improvements are certainly not a Bad Thing.


There are a number of questions potential customers will (quite fairly) ask, the first being, is it worth the cost? With standard sights the EDS retails for $449; with Trijicons, for $549. That is around what you'd need to purchase a second weapon (though owning a second pistol will do nothing to improve the first one). Depending on what craftsmen you go to, it is also enough to do some significant customization – of course, with and EDS you can switch back and forth, there's no waiting, and you haven't permanently altered the weapon.

Other questions might be some variation of why would you do it, or should you do it, since Glocks already have a good, consistent trigger break. That's something only the individual can answer. Some will question a lighter trigger as having too much potential for an ND; others will question the wisdom of any modification that might be brought up on the stand in the event of a self-defense or on-duty shooting. Those concerns must also be addressed by the individual, though I don't personally subscribe to either (with the caveat that many LE agencies do not allow any modification and that anything is possible in today's litigious society). 

It would be interesting to see how the EDS holds up over time and round count. If the opportunity presents itself I'll run one on the range for a few months or take it to a couple of classes and let you know what I find out. As it is now my initial reaction is good enough that I kinda want one.

Here's the promo video. You can see it further discussed below.



“Trigger enhancement is now as easy as a field strip with this upgraded slide designed by PWS. Engineered for drop in replacement for factory Gen 1-3 Glock 19 and 17 frames.”

The EDS is billet machined from 1704 Stainless with a DLC coat; it weighs in at 11.9 oz. (EDS19) or 12.2 oz. (EDS17). PWS advises, “The PWS Enhanced Duty Slide improves the stock trigger pull of Gen 1-3 series Glock pistols, creating a consistent and crips 4-pound trigger break. Additional front slide serrations aid in tactical function…Models are available with standard Glock sights or upgraded with Trijicon HD Night Sights with a Yellow Front Outline.”


Here's PWS Pro Staffer Jim Erwin (who is almost as big as me) talking about it.

Now, cue the derision for press checks, the arguments of Glock vs. 1911 and trolling from those shooters who'd rather mock and troll other shooters than wish them well and have an intelligent, academic conversation that benefits everyone in the pro-gun community.

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