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The Finer Points of Disassembly and Cleaning

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Although some blasters are more like lawnmowers than classic cars, they do need to be cleaned on occasion. It's important to know how to properly perform this maintenance. Here's a different take on it than perhaps you've seen elsewhere. Here's something to cheer you up after the depressing news about Gen. Petraeus we shared earlier.

As EyeHandy so accurately explains,

“Properly maintaining and cleaning your gun is a very important step in owning a firearm. Ashley will show you the correct way to strip down your Glock and make it squeaky clean again. Take the time to learn how it's done so your gun doesn?t jam in the field.”

How to clean your Glock 4

Still confused? Take heed.

“Careful, conscientious work is required to keep automatic pistols in a condition that will insure [sic] perfect functioning of the mechanism and continued accuracy of hte barrel. It is essential that the entire mechanism is kept cleaned and oiled to avoid jams…The mechanism also requires care to prevent rust or an accumulation of sand or dirt in the interior. Pistols are easily disassembled for cleaning and oiling.”

So sayeth the War Department in FM23-35, AUTOMATIC PISTOL CALIBER .45 M1911 AND M1911A.

How to clean your Glock 2


Want us to be more serious and quote some legit SMEs? Okay. Here's some of the best in the business.

We'll start with Larry Vickers on the oft-misunderstood subject of lubrication. He might not be as pleasing to the eye as Ashley, but hey, he does know a thing or six about guns.

Now, maybe you're not sold on the Glock. Perhaps you haven't made up your mind what pistol to carry. Like as not you've long since stopped reading this. But on the off chance you haven't, here's Mike Lamb talking pistol selection.

Some people like to fine tune their Glocks (or other pistols). To those people, Frank Proctor says this.

How to clean your Glock 3

When it comes to shooting, well…

“There are two ways to do things: The best way, and all other ways. Figure out which is which.” – Mike Pannone

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