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The Flex 9: Stab Proof, Bullet Proof, Bite Proof Shirt

Okay, not totally bullet proof. And to be fair we just assumed the bite proof part. Perhaps too much of The Walking Dead.

One of the items we came across the Warrior Expo West hosted by ADS Inc was a new commercial version of the Flex 9 Armored shirt from Protect The Force (PTF).
Yes, it does look a bit like chainmail  or a shark-proof garment. There's actually a reason for this: The shirt was reportedly designed by the man who invented the first shark proof shirts, and the material comes from Soteria Armor. Though the entire shirt is stab proof, there are optional bullet-resistant panels that can be inserted. Not only does it give the shoulders and deltoid areas a ballistic rating, it also provides some infrastructure to a somewhat heavier garment.


The main demographic for the current model are prison guards–because no one likes getting shanked with a filed down toothbrush.

[You can visit Protect The Force online here]



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