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The Future Has Arrived: Clean a Gun in Under 90 Seconds!

There are typically two groups of people when it comes to gun cleaning. The first group consists of people who like it and find it therapeutic. The second group is made up of those who consider gun cleaning to be a painful, time-consuming task. Regardless of what group you fall into, Dry Vapor Cleaner (DVC) has a gun cleaning solution to make you happy.

Through its improved technology, DVC has created a chemical-free cleaning system that delivers a high temperature, high-pressure Dry Vapor to clean even the dirtiest of firearms. Dry Vapor Cleaning systems utilize distilled or de-ionized water to create a pressurized water vapor that consists of just four-percent moisture.

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That four-percent moisture is, as the DVC name implies, nearly completely dry when compared to the 38% water vapor contained in steam. Not only does the DVC water vapor have a low moisture content, but when delivered at 190psi and 300 degrees Fahrenheit, it will blast even the toughest of gunk from your favorite firearm, knife, or car engine.

The high-pressure vapor removes dirt, grease, grime, oil, chemicals, and toxic substances, from the item being cleaned. When finished, your gun will not only be clean, but it will also be sanitized and free from any lingering chemicals.

One of the top advantages the DVC system provides gun owners is the ability to clean a firearm, without any disassembly, in under 90-seconds. Yes, that’s right, it can clean a gun without disassembling it, in under 90-seconds!

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So, whether you need to clean gun parts, a car engine, or any one of many possibilities, the Dry Vapor Cleaner may be just the tool to help you get the job done.

With a price point just under $1400, the DVC cleaning system may be above the average casual shooters budget. However, it is a great piece of gear for shooting ranges, hunting clubs, law enforcement agencies, military units, and other organizations with a lot of guns to clean and a short amount of time to clean them in.

To find out more information about the Dry Vapor Cleaner, visit their website at, or call 619-480-3876.

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