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The Gravitas Steel Drop Tree from Red Stitch Tactical

Last week at SHOT Show Red Stitch Tactical showed off their new Gravitas Steel Drop Tree. The idea for this evolved version of a traditional dueling tree was actually brought to Red Stitch by Gravitas Tactical early last year. Gravitas wanted a target application that melded a plate rack and a dueling tree. The result after hours of brainstorming and a good bit of welding was what you see here – the Gravitas Steel Drop Tree.

The big difference in this shooting platform versus a traditional dueling tree or plate rack is that the Steel Drop Tree forces the shooter to change his point of aim along two separate axes rather than shooting the same line vertically or horizontally. As the shooter engages the upper steel plate, it drops downward and simultaneously flips to the adjacent side. This dual-axis movement forces the shooter to follow the plate down the tree as it falls from side to side.

Red Stitch Tactical favors the Gravitas in shooting competitions because the host can load two or three targets of equal, increasing or decreasing size. By doing so, this introduces a new challenge to the shooter whereby causing him to clear the lower targets before engaging the upper ones. It was primarily designed for pistol, but Red Stitch has found that it works great for rifles as well. (For three gun matches where rifles will be fired, it is highly recommended that an upgraded AR500 shield is purchase to protect the tree.) Additionally, the design of the slots in the back of the platform also prevent the plates from getting stuck.


The Gravitas arrives complete with a mild steel shield that protects the framework of the tree, one 7” steel plate and the tree itself weighing in at ~120 lbs total.

–       Available to be purchased with an 8 slot configuration for $499 or as a 6 slot configuration for $425

–       Ships with one 7” round target plate – additional plates can be purchased for $45 no matter the size and are available down to 3”

–       4” Angle Iron deflector shield standard – AR500 shield available for $150

For more information, check out Red Stitch Tactical’s full line of steel targets at Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



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