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The Handi-Racker

This is going to take a beating, I'm sure, especially on social media. I'm going to run it anyway, though, because I know of a few people who might actually use it. It's a niche group, without a doubt, but I can see this appealing to people with physical limitations or disability (amputees, for instance, some with arthritis or injured hands, perhaps older shooters whose hands tire quickly). It won't solve every problem (as an example, magazines would still need to be loaded) but it might just have a place in a few range bags. It's also not something that would be suitable with a malfunction or in extremis either. This further limits its practicality.

It might be myopic of me, but it's hard for me to see this as anything close to a mainstream purchase – which doesn't mean it's without value. What do you think?

More on their website or Facebook page. Handi-Racker 2

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