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The Hoodrat Hot Button; DIY Unity Tactical

For those that aren't tape switch fans, Unity Tactical recently released something else (as seen on Soldier Systems).

Aside from the SureFire SR-07 switch, I too am not a fan of most any tape switch. While SureFire switches have existed for years in the form of the ST-07 and earlier models, all of them had limited lifespans compared to the SR-07. In the early days of the wars, we considered any and all tape switches to just be a matter of time before they failed.

And of course, anyone who happened to survive through those years has a multitude of tape switches that suck ass from broken wires and switches.

Now let's make them actually worth a damn.

The concept of the Unity Tactical Hot Button is to give the user a robust remote switch option less susceptible to failure. And we're going to do that today, for roughly $12 US dollars + broken parts.

Here's what you'll need:

-(1) Broken SureFire Tape Switch
-(1) 12mm Waterproof Push Button Switch
-(1) Ambidextrous 180 Sling Mount Plate Adaptor
-(2) 7/8-inch OD, 1/2-inch ID 18-gauge machine washer
-Soldering iron
-Heat Shrink Tape
-Black Spray Paint
-Black RTV Silicone

1) Firstly, the sling mount plate adapter will have to be ground down enough for the 7/8-inch washers to be attached on either side of the switch. A Dremel or a grinder makes quick work of this.

2) Tesy fit often; eventually, the included nut for the momentary switch will easily thread on with a washer on either side.

3) Bust out the matte black spray paint! Then assemble with thread locker!

4) Strip the wires from your busted tape switch and attach them to the leads on the waterproof switch. Solder them and bend them over

5) Break out the black RTV silicone to ensure your waterproof switch stays waterproof. Allow it to cure.

6) Install and Enjoy!

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