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The Latest in SilencerCo Harvested: Venganza

At least according to our Spanish/English dictionary from back in primary school, Venganza means ‘revenge' or ‘vengeance'. It's also the name of the latest SilencerCo Harvested series. In this short five minute parody film two brothers seek revenge against a monster named El Gigante.

Here's what SilencerCo tells us:

No matter where we’re from, we’ve all grown up with stories that seemed larger than life. Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman . . . some legends are just that . . . legends. They’re things that our elders tell us to teach us a lesson or spark our imagination. But what if you found out that one was real . . .

That was the case for two brothers who grew up listening to their abuelo spin yarns about a legend from their homeland: El Gigante. After their grandfather went missing during a hunt, these brothers decided to take it upon themselves to one day find the creature responsible.

Our brave hunters went in search of El Gigante, a creature few have seen and even fewer have lived to tell about.

Follow them on their journey to track a ghost, avenge their grandfather, and come face-to-face with a living legend. From the style of tracking to the firearms used to the game itself, we guarantee this is a hunting film unlike any you’ve seen before.


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More about SilencerCo, in their words:

Born and bred in the land of the free, SilencerCo started life when two men in a garage machined, welded, and shaped their dreams into reality. They had one core belief: Guns don’t have to be loud.
Now in its sixth year of existence, SilencerCo makes more silencers than anyone else in the market. Yet our secret is simple – we care.

We care about each silencer leaving our facility. We care about the shooters and their hearing. We care about our employees, and we care about our role in the American economy.

We’re shooters, too – and we know how hard it can be to find durable equipment that performs. Our silencers have been shot, stripped, torqued, and blasted – and we constantly search for ways to make them quieter, more durable, lighter, and shorter.
We set the bar high for quality and innovation – because in the end, that’s all that matters. We created the first non-round pistol silencer with the Osprey, we created the quietest and easiest cleaning rimfire silencer with the Sparrow, and now manufacture the only commercially-viable, fully-modular shotgun silencer in existence with the Salvo.


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