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The M:4 Multitool Is So Small You’ll Forget About It Until You Need It

Think of the new $30 M:4 Multitool as inexpensive and lightweight insurance for your AR. The tool, a Multitasker and B5 Systems team-up, weighs less than half and ounce and takes up barely more space than a house key.

RECP190500-INCOMING-M4 Tool-04

If you’ve got a B5 Systems buttstock, swap the existing buttpad with the updated (included) B5 pad that has a storage cutout for the tool. Carried on the rifle, you’re never without a way to lever a bolt back to clear a bolt override malfunction, tighten a castle nut, or tighten ½-inch nuts commonly found on optic mounts.

RECP190500-INCOMING-M4 Tool-03

There’s also a ¼-inch, hollow ground slotted screwdriver for various screwing and prying operations you might need to perform to get your gear back online.

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