The Ultimate Firearms Destination for the Gun Lifestyle

The Second Amendment is for EVERY American

The Second Amendment is for EVERY American. That's a true story, regardless of your personal opinion on any LGBT issue. Pro-gun individuals come in every shape, size, background, sexual orientation, faith, creed,  political affiliation…you get the point.

Our God-given (well, I consider them God-given), constitutionally guaranteed rights apply to every American, not just to the ones whose lifestyle or even perceived moral code we understand and/or approve of. This video, which features three very atypical gun-owners, reflects that truth. I particularly enjoyed listening to the self-described vegan democratic-socialist discuss firearms, unnecessary violence and how the obligation to defend his family correlates to his spiritual beliefs. Kristin Beck spent 2 decades risking her life for her country, a career that more the demands respect, and I've written before about my friend Chris Cheng. He likened coming out of the gun closet to coming out of the gay closet.

It's an interesting video, and one worth watching. Hopefully we can enjoy civil discourse on the matter without seeing any of the feculent outrage that makes all gun owners look small minded or stupid (which is, of course, far different than intelligent, dissenting discourse).

As this video aptly demonstrates, one individual's definition of “gun control” might be as different than the next as the individuals themselves, a reality we should accept pragmatically. After all, we're in this fight together. If you don't think LGBT gun owners are significant perhaps you should research Tom G. Palmer's fight against the District of Columbia.

Read the original article on The Guardian.

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