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The New Surefire XC2-IRC: Mighty and Tiny Infrared

Surefire is releasing a product that isn't designed for you. Those are their words, not ours. The XC2-IRC, aka the XC2-A-IRC, is the smallest and most lightweight infrared dedicated handgun light. That's the reason they say the product isn't designed for most people seeking a handgun weapon light. It's a specific weapon light designed for a specific purpose. What sets the XC2-IRC apart from most other infrared weapon lights is its diminutive size, and it's intended purpose.

The XC2-IRC – Purpose Driven Design

The purpose of this light is three-fold. The first part of that purpose is to allow good guys to go bump in the night for bad guys. Using night-vision indoors can be difficult, and contrary to Hollywood, NVG/NODs need some radiation or light to amplify in order to work. Outdoors, there's always a trace amount of illumination coming from the moon. But indoors, that light isn't present and NOD's need a supplemental source of radiation, and an IR emitter provides it without casting visible light. The XC2-IRC provides NOD equipped shooters with a broad 850nm MaxVision infrared beam that's ideal for for navigation and identification.

The second purpose of the XC2-IRC is for targeting. It's equipped with an 845nm infrared laser aiming device that ensures your bullet is going where you want it. Lasers make night vision a lot of fun, and it's also a necessity when its impossible to see your pistol sights through your NODs. That laser also won't need to be rezeroed thanks to Surefire's use of adjustment screws that don't move or back out under recoil.

The third purpose is to be concealable. This goes back to Surefire, saying this product isn't designed for you. It's designed for a subset of armed professionals that want to be able to conceal a weapon but may be called onto use NODs. Aside from being compact, it's also lightweight without sacrificing durability. The XC2-IRC is made from aerospace aluminum and is complete with a MIL-SPEC anodized finish.

You also get ambidextrous controls, momentary and constant modes, and both laser only, and laser and illumination modes. The XC2-IRC isn't for everyone, but Surefire most certainly made it the micro IR light to beat.

[Find Surefire Here]

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