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EDCpen: the “ultimate minimalist everyday carry pen”

I was very pleased recently to be contacted by Kris of EDCpen. I've been following Kris for a while, having missed out on his Kickstarter, but also by association with Brad of Tactical KeyChains, who has collaborated with Kris in the past.TheEDCpen-3

Kris openly professes that he is not an engineer or product designer by trade. Rather he is a guy with a great idea. He is a former infantryman and paratrooper who like me enjoys having a handful of EDC items which are practical and useful on a daily basis. Kris has gone the extra step, (in more way than one) and has produced a great item which I am happy to share here.

The Kickstarter project originally started to fund the production of the EDCpens offered them first in in aluminium, brass and stainless steel; a later stretch goal brought forth a titanium option. That is what I was sent.


Fitted with a Fisher Space Pen cartridge, the EDCpen gives a smooth writing action, and fits the hand snugly, even for a small pen, when unscrewed. You can see the threading and o-ring where the lid fits to the pen end, and the machined rings for grip towards the nib end.  I found this to be a great fit and haven't had any trouble using it. The ends feature similar fluted groves as those seen on the Ti2 Sentinel that Mike Bond puts out. I have a feeling there is a lot of collaboration between these guys, which is excellent, as it means there are awesome products coming our way.

The whole pen has been machined from solid titanium, with the cap having its lanyard loop cut deeply enough that there is no doubt that your cord would break before the loop. The pen body itself seats the ink cartridge by having a countersunk threaded plug which screws in tightly behind the cartridge. I can't imagine the situation in which this would come loose of its own accord in my use, perhaps being stuck in an engine casing, but it certainly didn't give me any worries. This thing really is designed to last a lifetime.I shudder to think what it would take to break this thing, and I'm confident that my body would go first.

I've covered a couple of “tactical pens” in the past, i.e. the S&W Tactical Pen and the CRL modular pen. The EDCpen is substantially heftier and hardier feeling than both.

It's solid construction, especially in titanium, give it a mass of 50g, ( 1 3/4oz – 53g with the included paracord loop), which outweighs the aluminium version of the CRL pen (at 42g) but as I said earlier it sits nicely in the hand. The smooth finish of the pen lends again to it's heft and I found that the four fluted groves had just enough bite to their edges to give a good grip,without cutting in.

Why is this relevant? Because I always like to look at how I can use what I carry to combative purpose.

Having a 113mm x 12mm cylinder of titanium on hand just made me want to hit things, and I found that it most certainly does make an impression. These two divots were from one-inch-punch type strikes on a painted concrete wall. The pen didn't take even a smudge, the wall took two fairly impressive dents.

This is a great pen, and certainly worth adding to my EDC. It certainly lives up to its name. My only worry would be losing it, and with the included paracord lanyard, I've been able to have it looped through PALS/MOLLE, my belt loops and the like. This is a great example of someone taking a simple need, producing an elegant product and having a complete solution.


About the Author: Josh Orth is a second generation expatriate; having lived in deserts, jungles and urban sprawls around the world, he now calls the civilized suburbs of Melbourne, Australia home. Having lived out of carry-on in a variety of places, and with a keen sense of the speed in which the trappings of Western living can vanish, Josh has in the last couple of years taken to writing about his interests and observations in prepping, self-reliance and being equipped for whatever life might throw at him.

Read more by Josh at Apocalypse Equipped.

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