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Thirteenth Floor — Star Wars, Horror, and History

In many cultures the number 13 is considered unlucky. Though it may seem strange to some now, there still buildings without a thirteenth floor (some opting for a '12A' , others using the Roman numeral ‘M'), active airlines without a seat row 13, and more. You may recall it was also the name of a movie (with a sub 30% Rotten Tomatoes score). There's even an official phobia around the number called Triskaidekaphobia.

But this Thirteenth Floor is all awesome. Take Star Wars and WWII and throw it in a blender? They got a lot of that. Prints and posters just begging for a spot in a man cave or living room.

Read on to support an entrepreneur and maybe find #thingstolustfor that you can add to your #holidayplunder wish list.

13th_floor001 13th_floor002

Or Princess Leia as the Mona Lisa? That too


Intermixed with these sci-fi alternate histories is a good gob of creepy horror.
13th_floor004 13th_floor006
Thirteenth Floor also has a variety of shirts with the same, and one of our favorites:


Yes, that is Norman Reedus wearing a shirt depicting all of the Ramones as Norman Reedus.

You can visit the homepage of Thirteenth Floor here, or give them a follow on Facebook or Instagram.


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