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Threat Orientated Rapid Incapacitation System: Nick Betts’ 48 hours with TORIS

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Writer Nick Betts recently wrote an an article for MOTUS World about his experience with the Threat Oriented Rapid Incapacitation System. According to their website, TORIS does the following:

1 We demonstrate the simplicity and severity of debilitating injury and its consequences, while exposing the risk of improper training, poorly applied techniques, and excessive force.

2 We demonstrate the simplicity and severity of debilitating injury, equipping operators to better assess the dangers presented to them by aggressive suspects, whether armed or unarmed.

3 We demonstrate the simplicity and severity of debilitating injury, so that when personal lethal force is necessary, the operators have the tools to save their own life and the lives of others.

Says Betts,

“One thing that separates TORIS from self-defense programs is the heavily researched focus on human injury biomechanics and what it takes to cause the largest impact with the smallest amount of force. TORIS utilizes their Strategic Systems theory to categorize the body structures needed during a real threat—and then use their medical approach to render them useless. We were taught very simple, quick and extremely efficient moves that actually astonished me how effective they’d be when used on a threat.”


His overview is well written and candid, including some initial skepticism and occasional doubts about certain parts of the class.

During the course, Torin’s insistence that we wear plate carriers caught me off-guard. At one point in my life I used to wear a rig, along with a sexy rifle and an even sexier long gun, but those days are a thing of the past. So naturally I asked why we wear plates if this class was designed for more than just soldiers or “urban grocery store operators”. Torin’s response was genius: “Plate carriers are restrictive and force you to expend more effort and energy when trying to fight off a threat. This training would be a lot easier if we were just wearing a t-shirt and some jeans.”

Read the article in its entirety here. It's a great read if you're interested in combatives and dealing with the stressors of a fight. Learn more about TORIS here on their website.

Images from the original article by Rolando Manluctao.


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