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Three Ways to use a Multitool

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Pretty much everyone owns a multitool in some way shape or form. Some are certainly more useful then others. One thing we can all agree on is, while they may not be the best tool for a particular job, they are handy to have around when the time comes. Here are three ways to use a multitool that might not seem so obvious.

1. Fire Starting

Most Ferrocerium rods (flint rods) come with their own striker. This is all good, except another thing many of us already carry with us usually has one that works just as well or better. The spine of most knives has nice flat edges making for a great striker. This means one less thing to carry, cutting the collective weight of your gear. You should obviously try this out before putting such items into a survival kit or your camping bag (or removing them). The last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere and unable to get a fire made to cook your food, boil your water or just sit around enjoying a few cold ones.

2. Prepping the Cold Ones

Once you have that fire started, you're going to want something to enjoy while sitting in proximity to it. It could be a delicious can of beans, a bottle or two of wine, beer or —  how about popping the cork off some champagne? Even if the multitool doesn't have a bottle opener, a flat surface on it like the bottle of the handle can lever it off. You can spear the cork of a wine with the knife and spin it out. If that won't work and you have a screw you can put it into the cork, grab it with the pliers, and pull it out.

That's what she said.

3. Defusing a Bomb

While we never condone doing anything to an explosive device (well, unless that's your job), multitools are definitely good for fixing electronics. If your cat decides to eat your speaker wires in the middle of watching 13 Hours you need to get it back up and running fast. Using the knife and wire cutters on a multitool, you can strip off the shielding of the wire, splice the wires and trim the electrical tape when your done.

If you want to grab one of the multitools in these videos, head on over to the SOG Specialty Knives & Tools website here, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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