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New: Tipton Gun Cleaning Maintenance Mats

If you're like my husband, then cleaning your pistol once it's broken all the way down is much like a game of hide and seek. Small pieces get loose and are tough to find, or maybe the cleaning process begins and then is long delayed in completion. If you’re like me, you simply want clean surfaces afterwards — no Hoppe's No. 9 on the carpet, no [insert Guccilube of your choice here] smeared on the couch, freshly-stippled mag well scratches on the coffee table. Battenfield Technologies, a developer of shooting, reloading, gunsmithing and gun cleaning supplies, tells us their Tipton® Gun Cleaning brand has two new items in their maintenance lineup – maintenance mats. Among other features, these new mats should correct losing parts, rolling up the mat until you have time to finish, and keeping the area clean.

Tripton Gun Cleaning Mat 3

Says Battenfield,

“The new S&W® M&P Maintenance Mat and the new Glock Model Maintenance Mat are made from the perfect material for working on a firearm. The padded neoprene construction protects the finish of firearms, while also helping keep track of small parts. The mats are designed to lay perfectly flat on a workbench to use while cleaning or disassembling firearms. Excess oils and solvents are quickly absorbed into the mat, ensuring the surface is kept clean and dry. The Maintenance Mats also easily roll up to fit into a range box for easy transportation. No need to worry about keeping the mats clean; simply hand wash these mats to make them look new again.”

Tripton Gun Cleaning Mat 1

Some of the included features are described as follows: “…lay flat design, neoprene construction, absorbs excess oils and solvents, rolls up easily to take on the go, hand washable, helps to keep track of small parts.” The mats are 11 x 17 in. and contain a screen printed exploded view of (so far) the M&P handgun or a Glock model pistol for easy part identification.


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