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TNVC Night Raid and “The Boot Campaign”

In case you missed it previously, this is the commercial Tactical Night Vision Company made for Make Ready TV and The Blaze TV. The footage was provided by Alexhander Films; it's from the “B-side” of a music video you may have seen on MTV U and VEVO (Joe Bachman and Mitch Rossell, A Soldier's Memoire). That video is below – warning to those of you who've served, it's hard to watch.

War by Night - Nightvision 2

The video is a great tribute to our men and women on the sharp end. TNVC supported the project very heavily with NODs and technical advice (they are very involved in the veteran community and the ongoing fight to help those suffering from PTSD). Get involved in the Boot Campaign.

You can learn more about the Boot Campaign on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google+.

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