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TNVC’s T.A.P.S. System

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Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC), purveyers of so much superb NOD related gear, told me at SHOT Show 2015 that they'll soon be shipping a modular switch system. This is great news – here's why.

Weapon mounted lights and lasers have come a very long way in the last twenty years. As the technology progressed, everything became smaller, brighter and more rugged. Such accessories then almost seamlessly left the battlefield and became more poplar on LEO patrol rifles and home defense guns nationwide. There are fewer, increasingly less vocal old curmudgeons crying out that, ‘ a tactical white light will get you killed!' (which it will, if you use it like a lighthouse beacon) and more people realizing that WMLs are not just a force multiplier, they're a necessity.


It wasn't all that long ago that our troops went to war with D cell Maglites duct taped to their forearms. SWAT cops that did the same with plumbing clamps. The limited options for lights and lasers, and even more constricted means of mounting them to different platforms now seems long in the past, something akin to blackpowder revolvers and water cooled machine guns – but it really wasn't all that long ago. Today there are many great products that fill the niche now, covering nearly every need imaginable. It sometimes feels like there is actually an ongoing “space-race” among light manufactures to see who can gain the highest lumen output, while other features that need improvement go ignored or are relegated to lower priority. One aspect that has been sorely in need of attention for some time is how we actually engage our lights and lasers, particularly the ability to differentiate which accessory we're activating, and when.

The simple tape switch means of activation has seen little improvement over the last few decades and is generally less than ideal for many shooters. Surefire has made improvements, such as with their SR Remote Dual Switch and the SR-D-IT, which provides activation of a light and ATPIAL type laser. The only other really viable switch option is the L3/Insight Dual Button Remote, which is a very bulky and expensive option offered to SOCOM. The dual button remote also only works with Insight type receptacles, forcing users to cut and splice surefire plugs onto the unit if they want to use any other type of light.




The long and short of it is that you have plenty of options for what combination of white light, IR light, IR laser and visible lasers you might want to use, but limited ways to activate them quickly and effectively.

Luckily TNVC will soon be providing a solution for that!

I was extremely happy to hear about this new T.A.P.S. Modular switch system (which is due to be released in the spring). Partnering with Unity Tactical, the pair set out to bring switch management into the 21st century and the result is more than promising. Essentially the T.A.P.S. system replaces the need to add a section of Picatinny rail to your forearm just to add a switch. Currently this is necessary to run Surefire and Insight type switches and adds bulk to your hand guard. The added bulk likes to snag and catch on various things and also affects how you engage the buttons or tape with your fingers. The T.A.P.S. system uses interchangeable backplates to fit all the standard systems currently in use, and with a slimmer profile on the gun. With direct mounting capability on  both KeyMod and M-LOK, you will soon be able to move your lights, lasers and switch to different weapon systems with ease.


Perhaps more importantly, the T.A.P.S. system will allow you to change your cables out to fit your own particular needs. You can choose the length and type of cable to best suit your choice of light and laser. Instead of cutting and splicing cables, zip tying them down, and potentially breaking an expensive setup, you will now have the ability to customize and repair your kit as needed. This might seem like no big deal to some, but for those that use lights and lasers extensively the struggle is real. This aspect of weapon lights and lasers has been overlooked for way to long, and I am personally stoked to see how it works out. Based off what I have seen so far, and the partners involved, I think the T.A.P.S. system is going to make a big splash!


More on TNVC here:

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